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USA Cycling - Field Sprint Sumatran

Roast: Sumatra

Specs: Grown near the island of Java. Sweet, dark, floral at the same time offering a rich full body. Our darkest and most oily roast.

Brew Recommendation: Drip, French Press or Espresso

USA Cycling - Breakaway Blend

Roast: Blend of Sumatra and Italy

Specs: Breakaway Blend is a dark, oily roast with low acidity, medium body, and rich aroma. It displays vibrant citrus notes with a chocolaty wine finish.

Brew Recommendation: French Press, Espresso or Drip

USA Cycling - Perfect Circles Italian

Roast: Dry Italy

Specs: Perfect Circles is a medium roast, with medium body, and offers the smoothest taste of all our blends. The taste has a clean feel that starts strong and rolls into a silky, smooth, butter finish.

Brew Recommendation: Espresso, Drip, French Press

USA Cycling - Podium Blend

Roast: Ethiopian and Bolivian

Specs: Podium Blend is a complex light to medium roast with bright notes and a floral aroma. The complexity of this bean is apparent at first taste; there is a smooth beginning that slowly transcends into a rich after taste. Sip this wonderful coffee and enjoy the smooth, yet bright sensations across your palate.

Brew Recommendation: Drip or French Press

USA Cycling - Recovery Ride Decaf

Roast: Mexican

Specs: Recovery Ride Decaf is a smooth, great tasting drip coffee and excellent espresso found in one blend. It is a light roast with a light body and crisp, clean taste that is mellow on the palate. This bean is decaffeinated through the natural water process.

Brew Recommendation: Drip or Espresso



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